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Home Rugs Collection provides products which are manufactured using high grade of raw materials and with 100 % pure leather and other materials.Despite of our broad range of collections, we offer custom made rugs.The customers sometimes find it necessary to choose a design specifically created according to their space.The customer may have own range of designs in standard colour combinations.Our talented team will walk you through every step of the custom rug process to ensure your vision is realised.

  • Designs :
     You may choose the designs and take the existing colours and choose as per your own needs. we also offers variety of designs to choose from the stock of designs.
  • Size and shape :
    We can produce rugs according to size requirement of your space.We create the rugs of any shape and size ranging from rectangular,square,diagonal or perhaps the circular rugs. Our team ensures the customer is provided with the perfect rug according to their requirements.
  • Colour
    We provide the customer to choose from the extensive range of colours from soft neutral shades to bright tones.
    There are more than hundreds of colours to work with and we can match it according to the needs of the customers.
  • Delivery
    Once the customer finalise the design,size,shape and colour of the rugs, our team of skilled workers recreates original high quality hand-made rugs in approximately 4 weeks. For larger size and more intricate designs,the time of delivery will be longer.

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